Dear Welder Series… four bar bushing question

Dear Welder Series…
I have your Sept. 2011 catalog and I am going to order a rear 4-bar; but I have a question on the 1-3/8 wide urethane bushings. Are these bushings 1-3/8″ in between the brackets?

Dear James…
James, the dimension (1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″) is between the sides of the brackets. You might want to check our web store for current details on the rear 4-link kits shown here:


The 1-3/8″ and the 1-3/4″ bushing kits are now the same price. (The 1-3/4″ kits have become much more popular and the 1-3/8″ kits have become less popular. We are making so many more 1-3/4″ than 1-3/8″ that the prices have evened out.) The 1-3/8″ kits are only available as welded kits. The 1-3/4″ kits are available welded or ready-to-weld.

I hope this helps with your ordering decision. Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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