Dear Welder Series… Engine Angle Question

Dear Welder Series…
I am building a 37 two door sedan. I have put in one of your Mustang II front suspension kits, which worked fine. Now I am installing the motor, which is a 1999 LS1 5.7L. My question is how important is the three degree tilt back on the engine. Three degree will work but 5 degree would put the tailstock below the the top of the frame and would mean less floor modifications. I did just purchase one of your center section kits but it is not going to work the way you [supplied] it, because the drive shaft is too close to the top of the frame. I will be using all the pieces, just laying it out differently. Any feed back would be appreciated.


Dear Ray…
Ray, 3 or 5 degrees will be fine. We normally set engines up at 4 degrees and that extra bit won’t hurt anything. Check out the link below for motor mounting tips.

Please send pictures of what you do with our center section… it’s always nice to see our parts ‘in action’.

Thanks for using Welder Series parts.

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