Dear Welder Series… Deuce Only?

Dear Welder Series…
Mr Horton:
I have two major regrets. One is selling my 5 window deuce when I came home from Nam. The second is that I didn’t find your web site sooner. I would like to use your “Welder Series” Mustang II cross-member and coil mounts but I’m wondering which manufacturer’s tube arms and dropped spindles would be compatible with my 36 Ford front end. Actually I would like to use a number of your items but I know (and realize why.) you use a deuce as a sort of nucleus of much of your inventory but does your catalog specify if the item is only for use with a deuce? I wanted to down load your catalog but I wasn’t sure if I had to be a member first.
 Thanks, Kep
Dear Kep…
Kep, I’m happy that you found us now instead of three years from now…For Mustang II arms, check with some of the companies on our “Dealers/Builders” page, .Send us your mailing address and we will get a catalog on the way to you. The parts themselves don’t know what they are… Welder Series came to be because when we were building hot rods, we would often want to use a component from some kit in an application I hadn’t thought of when designing it. Sort of “imagineering”.Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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