Dear Welder Series… Custom Width Mustang II

Dear Welder Series…
Hello was wondering if it is possible to get a Mustang II crossmember modified for a 51″-52″ track width.  Also wanted to know what size frame rail the kit is designed for since I will be making the frame from scratch.

Thanks, Scott

Dear Scott…
Scott, we can custom build the crossmember for your track width for an extra $100.00.  Try to design the frame for 25 to 26″ o.d.

I’d suggest designing the frame after the crossmember arrives.  This way you can review the directions and work the design with more parts on hand.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.  The front end will be ideal for this application.

Paul Horton

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  1. Gary Brueske says:

    Hi – I’ve seen that others were asking of a custom width Mustang II cross-member in the 51″ track Width . I myself , need a track width of 51″ ! I would like to put the rack up front , have coil overs , tubular upper & lower arms ???? May need to go 2″ lower spindles , to get the ride height right .

    Also , in making my 2″ x 3″ “New” front frame rails , Do they have to be the same width , front & back ( I know its only 2″ of contact area for the cross-member , but really need this info )??????? , Thanks

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