Dear Welder Series… custom width axle brackets?

Dear Welder Series…
Good day, I am trying to source out parts for my triangulated 4 link install.
These brackets in the link, what i the inner width? I am only seeing 2″ to 3″ inch wide poly busing kits available online.

Dear _____…
The brackets in the link are 1.082” between the sides.  They are made for our 21309 sleeves and 213094 (or 213095) bushings.

We also have custom plates that aren’t yet on our web store:
318533 side plate, C$12.00 ea
318535 back plate, C$8.75 ea
Custom width back plate, similar to 318535, C$16.00
The tabs hold the parts inside corner-to-inside corner for welding.
We do custom parts to sketches sent by builders, too.
I hope this helps.  Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Dear Welder Series…
Ahhh okay, can I have them made wider? I’d like to fit 2.5 inch wide bushing with 5/8 bolt hole

Dear ______…

We can do 2-1/2” between the sides. (We’d actually make the back plate to space the sides slightly more that 2-1/2” to allow for paint and easier assembly.)

The 3/16” mild steel side plates will have 1/2” holes that you can drill to 5/8”. They are cut in quantity to keep the price down.
Please send us your name, address, and phone number, and how you would like to pay. (Credit card or PayPal)
Unless you want brackets for more than one rear axle, the order will be for:
4 pcs 318533 side plates @ C$12.00 = C$48.00
2 pcs custom width (2-1/2” between sides) back plates @ C$16.00 = C$32.00
Would these upper mounts help you out?
We will send an order form and invoice or PayPal request. This will include extra for shipping and taxes if you are shipping to Canada. On special orders like this one we ask for payment with the order. Lead time will be 5 – 10 days.
Shipping is charged at 10% of the order amount plus $10.00 in Canada and the lower 48 states.
Thanks for getting back to us.

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