Dear Welder Series: custom MII

Dear Welder Series…

Should be receiving my 60″ crossmember today.
I was reviewing some measurements based on the video for the installation.
I’m trying to keep close to the ride height I currently have. The current spindle height with the tire is 14″. The top of the frame is 21″ and 17″ at the bottom.
My question is, what’s the max delta between the fame measurement and the top hat spring enclosure before I run out of material on the top hat to weld and clearance for the upper control arm bolts.

I hope that was clear.

This is a good question, Stephen.  It is important to consider these things before cutting, as you are doing…

The maximum frame height (top of the frame) to clear the rear of the upper control arm is spindle height (14″ in your case) plus 4-3/4″;  i.e. 18-3/4″.  This will be the vertical height from the ground to the top of the frame at a point 5-1/2″ back from the spindle center line.  Aftermarket arms are often smaller at the bushing than stock arms but you probably won’t be able to go much more than 5″ instead of the 4-3/4 noted above.  To solve this upper arm/frame rail interference issue, notch the top of the frame rail.  In your case, you might want to notch the top and add to the bottom, because of the amount removed (about 2″ of the 4″ frame rail).  Add to the bottom first to make the rail stronger, then cut down from the top.  After the frame rail gets notched and boxed (and/or the bottom gets material added) these new surfaces become the top and bottom reference surfaces for the tower and crossmember notches.

Your question was very clear (I think)… I hope this answer is clear.  Let me know if, after reviewing the sheets included with the kit, you want to talk again.

Thanks for bringing up a good point.

Paul Horton

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