Dear Welder Series… 1987 Chev Truck Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
My son and I are interested in upgrading his 1987 Chevy with Mustang II front suspension and 4 bar rear, we like the Welder Series as it gives him the ability to do more of the work, he is a welder also so this should not be a problem, however I do not see that you have a kit, would you be able to build something to work in this application, the truck currently has Bell Tech suspension in it, we are also planning on installing a carbed 5.3 engine and TKO600 5 speed and likely a 9 inch ford diff, so we are starting with a fresh frame.

I can supply dimensional details if required, please advise, Thanks, Dale

Dear Dale…
Thanks for looking at Welder Series Mustang II kits, Dale.

The 1973 – 87 GM trucks have a fairly wide track width of about 66″ stock.  Our widest kit track width is 60″, so the tires would be closer to the frame by about 3″ on each side.  Check that this is the look that you want.

If you are starting with a fresh stock frame, there will be major work to do where the MII crossmember will mount.  If you are building a tube frame, it can be designed to work easily with the MII crossmember.

At the back, be sure your gas tank placement will not interfere with the bracket placement.  The brackets weld to the frame from 24″ – 34″ from rear axle c/l.  The center of the front of the bar is 28″ ahead of axle c/l.

If you would like other info, please get in touch.

Paul Horton

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