D100 Seat: Update 1

When we got the truck, it came with a black vinyl seat out of something other than a 1968 Dodge pickup. While far from a seat snob, I do tend to veer toward the OEM+ ditch from time to time, and since it will be my posterior imprinted thereupon, I’d like to use the original seat. Do you follow? I wasn’t crazy about the way the transplanted seat looked in the truck.

Luckily for me, the original seat came along a couple weeks later, and today we dropped it off at Tack Upholstery in Toronto for a much-needed makeover.

Peter Giampa has won numerous awards for his interior and upholstery skills. He covered the seat in our ’32 and did the whole interior in Paul & Dorothy’s ’40 sedan. We’re confident that the seat will be comfortable for long drives and will also fit in to the style of the era.

When I removed the black seat from the truck, I flipped it up on its side and noticed a piece of paper stuck under the spring. Can anyone guess what this seat came out of?

Update: I just heard back from SMS Auto Fabrics in Oregon, and they suggested that the current material on the original frame is not stock. They sent a sample of the original material, so now we’ll either order enough of that material or get something similar. I’m not after the ‘points’ for having OEM material, but on a truck of this style/era, I’d like something that at least pays homage to an OEM appearance.

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