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D100 Build, Article 1: Overview

If you’ve just finished going through the build articles I put together for the 32, this post will be timed impeccably. I realize the chances of that are small though, and I should mention there are about 7 years between projects. I’ve been thinking of doing a shop truck for about 7 years… my plateau was sort of high, I guess; hence the 7 year itch. I wanted to do no body work, sheet metal, paint, or interior, and the chassis had to be solid. I didn’t much care what make it was – whatever it was would look cool as long as it sits right, I thought. Sounds reasonable.

I knew my chiropractor/friend had this truck in his barn for many years. He bought it to use as a sort of prop for his adventure farm and I’d seen it when we brought the kids there in the fall. Recently, he sold the farm and actually asked me if I was still interested in that truck I had been bugging him about for years. Sure I was! I went out a few days later, had a peek, and told him I’d be back to get it. It rained hard the whole day I was planning on picking it up, but I didn’t want to reschedule and he didn’t mind getting wet, so off I went.

Fast forward a week or two and that’s about when I’m writing this post. Here’s the basic plan, which may change without any notice.

  • Triangulated four link kit w/ RideTech Shockwaves on the rear.
  • Custom width Welder Series Mustang II Crossmember Kit-Coil Springs with RideTech Shockwaves for the front.
  • Use the 318/727/8-3/4″ combo it currently has. Maybe freshen up the engine but nothing unnecessary. I’m told this is a great drivetrain. I’m told the 318 replaced the factory slant 6 with 3 on the tree.
  • Small block Chrysler engine mount kit. I’ll probably change the insulators to polyurethane.
  • Transmission crossmember. There are a couple channels bolted to the bottom of the frame rails that I’d like to eliminate and replace with crossmembers between the rails.

As the project spirals out of control (that will never happen!), this list will grow… Until then, stay connected and watch our Facebook page, Instagram, and the blog for updates!

DW Horton

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