Customer Car: 1972 LeMans

Received this nice email from a customer last night:

Chassis fabricated by Rock Ridge Specialties using products from Welder Series

The GM A-Body frame was smoothed from the torque boxes forward and a new rear tail section custom built from the torque boxes to the rear with the frame kick-ups over the rear axle raised 2″ higher for a lower

The chassis is now ready for the remaining build at Wild Rides & Fabrication.

Rock Ridge Specialties is presently working on a ’52 Mercury Pick-up chassis for Wild Rides & Fabrication

Thanks to Paul & DW at Welder Series for providing great products!

Rock Ridge used a bunch of our frame curves in this chassis build. Nice work, and thanks for the email! We always like seeing how our parts are being used. Every month we give a $50 gift certificate to someone who sent us pictures of our parts that month. Please send them to

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