’32 Update: Control Your Air Ride Exhaust (article 55)

I’ve got a whole air ride theory article in the works, relaying my experiences and hunches over the last two seasons of driving a light car with air ride on the rear. Until then, here’s a tip for controlling your rate of decline, allowing you to fine-tune the ride. I’ve found it’s more effective to arrive at a constant and happy ride quality by ‘coming down’ on the ride height you’re shooting for, rather than squirting little bursts into the bags to get to a predetermined ride height/quality.

artsolenoid01I put a tiny, tiny hole in a hole plug and screwed it into the exhaust port. Next time the correct size hole plug shows itself around these parts, I’m going to drill an even smaller hole in it and replace this one.

Over the winter, we’re hoping to create some sort of easy ride height gauge for the ’32.  Stay tuned…

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