Back From Knoxville!

safety 2010 (Medium)“I stayed home from Knoxville to look after the shop and all they brought me back was this picture.” OK, that’s not entirely accurate… I took the picture myself, this morning. OK, OK, there are some pictures of the actual safety inspection too.

Apparently it was quite a trip! The route to Knoxville was a bit roundabout since they stopped in Virginia on the way. I was hoping to see some pictures of the ’32 carving out the mountain switchbacks, but there was nowhere convenient to pull over, especially with four cars trailing.

At the hotel on the way to VA, there was some light rain overnight and the ZZ4 swallowed a bit too much water somehow. The parking lot was dry, as was the air cleaner element, so we’re not exactly sure how so much water made its way into the cylinders but the amazing thing is that no rods were bent.

Here are some photos from the event. The whole duct-tape-on-the-hubcap thing is the result of a lost hubcap, a hubcap purchased at Knoxville which didn’t exactly fit the wheels but it was the only one they had, and duct tape to snug up the buttons holding the cap in place.

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