Well, after a personal record of two days straight cleaning a car, I’m back home.  I had a great time hanging out with my friends from Tucci Hot Rods in upstate New York.  Dave and his crew have really done a spectacular job on this ’35.

After unloading the car from the trailer, we pushed it to the spot check area.  The car had a hard time starting (of course), so they said they would come to the car in a little while and do the check there.  After getting approved, we continued setting up the display and finally rolled the car into position.  The car has such an amazing stance that we didn’t want to have it tilted but still wanted to show off the bottom end.  A platform was built to give the appearance that the driver’s side was sitting on the ground, while the passenger side wheels were sitting on podiums.  We basically cleaned all day Wednesday and most of Thursday.  I had a chance to walk around and check out the other cars… the quality is amazing!

After getting lost in the downtown Detroit suburbs for an hour, I finally found the tunnel and emerged back on my native soil.

panoramic rear end

setup panorama

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