April Photo Sharing Winner!

Congrats, Lou! Thanks for sending the pictures of your sway bar install. There is $50 on your account at Welder Series.

Remember, the contest is completely random- I enter the number of applicants at www.random.org and hit “generate”. The entrants who didn’t win this month are automatically entered in the draw next month too!


If you have Welder Series parts on your project, all it takes is a quick picture and you’ll have the chance to win a $50 credit on your account here, just like Lou.


  1. Chuck says:

    Great idea. You’ve got to sleeve that frame though and add a grease fitting, it will never hold up that way.

    • DW Horton says:

      Hi Chuck… This isn’t my truck, but the way Lou installed the sway bar uses the same urethane bushings to insulated it as all our other kits on the road. It’s not metal-on-metal- the sway bar is isolated from the outer tube with a urethane bushing.

      DW Horton

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