’32 Update: Seat Risers (article 11, archived)

Mock the seat into position
Here, I’ve got the bottom of the custom Tack upholstered WiseGuys seat removed to show the blocks I put under the seat frame. This is how the seat is positioned to give the most support under the thighs, while still allowing my dad to be able to get out of the car without commissioning a bystander to pull him out. Now that the seat is in the correct position (front-to-back & side-to-side), we can move on to exactly how to attach the seat to the floor.

Choosing the mounting location
I believe the hole in the plate going from front to back is for the slider on the WiseGuys seat, which we won’t be using. We want the seat as close to the floor as possible, mainly for head room. I will be using the lower shaded circle for the mounting brackets.

Here is the bracket I’ll be using. If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it in the exhaust section of our catalog- it’s typically used as the frame bracket for our exhaust hangers. Part #21348.

Parts shown:
bracket: 21348, Welder Series

I’ve bent one of the 21348 brackets to use as the rear mount. The stud I used is one of the bolts that holds the back of the seat on. I put the masking tape on the floor so that if the seat moves, I’ll have a reference point to work from.

Here are a few pictures of the front bracket. I used two brackets (actually three if you count the one I cut up for the bottoms) and it turns out they are the exact length I need to support the seat at the correct height.

Here’s a bad picture of the same bracket. You get the idea.

From another angle.

The rear bracket. I used a bolt that was already there- the one that attaches the back and bottom frames together at the pivot point.

This is the finished rear bracket.

You can get an idea of the seat “rake” in this picture.

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  1. Rob Davison says:

    That is just slick and clean. Quite often it’s those little things that could end up being so easy that we don’t give enough attention to. Thanks for sharing another great idea.

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