’32 Update: grille bars (article 53)

I was looking at the stainless grille insert on the ’32 the other day, and noticed particularly the two horizontal strips that keep the vertical bars aligned.  I wondered what radical transformation the car would undergo (and ultimately how much more horsepower I could squeeze) if those horizontal bars were black, to blend in with the radiator.

Here’s the product of my wonder:

It was a bit of a trick to mask the vertical bars, but I think it came out exactly as I planned: black.


  1. Peter Finurke says:

    I like the black. I would like this in a kit form so I can customize to fit me 32 truck shell that will be chopped to accomidate the organic alterations via mother nature and my stance requirements for my 27 “phone booth”
    I was planning on making my own from SS welding rod anyway but your kits have been helpful in time and error reduction.
    Roddin’ the Swamp
    Peter Finurke

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