’32 Update: Engine Installation (article 5, archived)

Here is article 5 of the ’32 Build, originally published June 6/07.

Look what came in the mail – our engine!

It looks a little wrecked, but that’s because we couldn’t wait to open it before taking pictures! I threw the sides together for the photo.

This one’s not plastic

It’s a Chevy ZZ4 crate engine from Apple Chevrolet. 350 c.i., 355hp, 405 ft/lbs, aluminum heads & intake, angle plugs, etc. The first thing we’ll be doing is replacing the long water pump.

We thought we had a small block short water pump lying around somewhere, so when we found this one and it didn’t fit, we were a bit miffed. “What’s with this stupid ZZ4 and its crazy water pump?!” Fear not, all you need to know is a Big Block water pump will not fit on a Small Block. The BB WP is wider.

Are you seeing things? It’s not your eyes, it’s my attempt at overlapping two pictures that were supposed to be taken without the camera moving. Here you can see the difference between the two water pumps, after we found the right one. The difference in real life is
1-3/8″ on a small block.

Paul wasn’t available when I was putting the engine in, so I had to use the forklift. Notice the stock-looking ribs on the firewall. You can also see the windshield frame- it’s part of the body, and could be airbrushed to appear chromed. The 1×2 under the crank bolts is a temporary way of holding the engine in its approximate location until we get the two jacks under there. The jacks will make it much easier to level the motor, and to raise/lower it without having to find the right size shim.


    • DW says:

      Hi Dennis. We currently don’t do a V6 motor mount kit, but it is something that we’d like to work on. I’ll contact you when/if we develop a kit to see if you still need one.
      Thanks for asking.
      DW Horton

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