’32 Update: Brake Pedal Seal (article 45)

There are many products on the market for brake pedal grommets, but a) I didn’t have one last night, and b) I guess I don’t have a b).  Here’s how I made the brake pedal seal:

I rummaged around the shop, sure I had some rubber sheets or something to use as a seal for the pedal to slide through.  After I was all rummaged out, I grabbed the liner out of the bottom of one of the toolbox drawers and decided to sacrifice a corner. It’s not rubber – more like a closed-cell foam, but it will do.

For the outer ring, I’m using our part #3018W.  Originally, this is the washer that we include in our Mustang II strut rod bracket kits.  We have found a bunch of uses for them though.

I want to drill four holes at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. I’d trump fixtures over measuring any day of the week, and this is no exception. I dropped the washer in a hole template which has perpendicular reference marks and marked my holes.

To attach the ring to the firewall, I’m using 8-32 knife inserts. These are really handy because they let you use a machine screw into fiberglass.

I’ve painted the washer now, and should have it all ready to install soon. The drawer liner seal will be sandwiched between the washer and the firewall.


  1. Mike Levesque says:

    DW, Thanks for the idea! I’m installing a 5-speed in the Roadster as well as Vince White’s LT-1 from his Wild Rod truck. Also changing from a suspended pedal set-up to floor mounted. Will be looking to Welder Series for the pedal arrangement.

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