’32 Update: brake pedal return spring (article 25, archived)

Brake Pedal Return Spring

We spent a lot of time thinking about how to put a return spring on the pedal. We liked the idea of having a spring because it would give the pedal a more ‘solid’ feel, and we could effectively adjust the pedal pressure. I liked the way Cam did the return spring on his ’32 and, since imitation is the highest form of flattery, I had to do one like it. Cam made his with a split ring with a set screw that tightens the spring plate to the bar. I decided to use a separate piece with two set screws, mostly because it was easier to make. I could also adjust the tension easier, because when I turn the rod it’s not trying to turn the spring as well.

I machined the piece with the set screws from mild steel, and the spring plate from aluminum. I imagined that I’d be able to tighten the set screws tighter in steel. The shoulder on the left side in the picture is for my brake light switch which I mounted underneath the master cylinder bracket. The shoulder on the right side is to hold the spring.

When I push on the brake pedal, the aluminum plate comes away from the brake light switch, thus turning on the lights. I also shortened the 3/8″ plunger rod and welded it to the end of the bar. It’s just a bit cleaner, since the bar goes right to the plunger.

Here’s a post about a candidate for a return spring.

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