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Bracket Compar-O: Why Welder Series?

We’ve spent a good deal of energy focusing on quality parts… quality steel, quality laser cuts, quality machining, and especially quality welding. When we see parts installed at a show, we can pretty much always tell if they’re Welder Series parts based on the weld and edge quality. That said, when a customer came in with a set of four bar brackets that he thought were ours, it didn’t take too much inspection to determine that they didn’t come from our shop.

I wanted to point out some of the features that a Welder Series bracket has versus this similar (but different) bracket.

Tig tip: tungsten storage and sharpening

I keep all my tungsten in a little hand made holder with a bunch of holes drilled in it. This holds them pointy side up so they don’t get dulled before I use them. I also don’t have to keep getting up to sharpen each time a point gets dirty.
To sharpen them, I use an old variable speed drill, chuck one up, then spin it slowly as I gently hold it against the grinding wheel. I always sharpen with the tungsten pointed up so there’s no burr on the end.