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Dear Welder Series… 35-40 Rear Boxing Plates?

Dear Welder Series…
Do you have any frame repair kits for the rear wheel area for a 39 Ford stock chassis for restoration.
Mainly need the area at the axel hump behind the rear wheel


Dear Bill…
Bill, we have boxing plates for the rear half of the 1935 – 40 Ford frame. These might help to reinforce the stock rails, if they are still part of the frame. http://welderseries.com/Boxing-Plates-1935-40-Ford-p50906470 shows the whole kit (front and rear halves), but the rear plates can be purchased on their own. Part #354002, $50.00 each.

Do you think  this would fix the problem?


Dear Welder Series… 1937 Ford Truck Boxing Plates?

Dear Welder Series…
I wanted to check that your 35-40 ford boxing plates will work on a 37 ford truck frame. If so I will be ordering immediately.


Dear Charles…
Charles, 1935-41 Ford car and 1935-41 Ford pickups used the same frame rails. Yes, our plates will work with your ’37. They are in stock.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.