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When we ran a full service chassis fab/turn-key hot rod shop a number of years ago, it was always useful to have threaded things around to weld into the frame for some kind of mount, etc.

Here’s a list of all our threaded things for your reference:

Transmission Mount, Welded Tube w/Bushings & Frame Plates

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Product Details
Brand: Welder Series Inc.
MPN: 216350
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada

This kit will mount a GM insulator between your frame rails or into your center section. The tube is 1" heavy wall DOM, 17-3/4" C-C. It will work in frames from 20" to 29-1/2" wide, or 37-1/2" wide with the longer frame plates. Support plates are included with the longer plate option.

The bolted in tube means you can drop your transmission straight down if you need to remove it. Urethane bushings isolate some vibrations. 1/2" hardware for the bushings is included.

The transmission mount and gussets come unwelded, but we can weld them for an additional charge. Select "Yes" under the "Weld Transmission Plate" option.

1x Welded 1" bar
2x Urethane bushing kits
4x Frame plates
1x Transmission mount plate
2x Gussets
2x 1/2" bolts & nuts

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