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When we ran a full service chassis fab/turn-key hot rod shop a number of years ago, it was always useful to have threaded things around to weld into the frame for some kind of mount, etc.

Here’s a list of all our threaded things for your reference:

Light Switch Knob, Sweptline Style

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Product Details
Brand: Horton Custom 3D Printing
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada

Modeled from our 1968 Dodge shop truck and printed in black resin, sanded lightly before shipping. Not supplied polished. Depending on the level of finish you require, some final sanding may be necessary.

This knob was designed to fit Ron Francis' triangular headlight shaft. Due to variations in shafts and print tolerances, you may need to modify either the shaft or the knob slightly for a perfect fit. We recommend using an adhesive to affix the knob to the shaft. The aluminum knob on your headlight switch shaft will need to be removed - it's pressed on and can be taken off by securing the shaft in a vise and lightly tapping on it with a small hammer and punch.

Please see related parts for a replacement headlight switch threaded bezel to match.

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