H.A.M.B loses an icon

There are some people on these internet message boards that have just about a universal command for respect.  If you’re a member of the HAMB, you would recognize the tag C9… unfortunately Jay passed away recently.

I won’t take too much time here, because I didn’t know him personally, but I did enjoy reading what he wrote.  C9 was more than just a tech post kind of guy – he was an actual writer.  Here are links to some of his hot rod related stories.  I highly recommend taking some time to read them.

The Red Roadster, Part 1
The Red Roadster, Part 2
Doofus & Whiny
One Black and Foggy Night

Early Ford hubcaps on slot mags tech post

There are more Doofus & Whiny stories… just hop on the HAMB and have a look.  Also, please feel free to post a link to parts 3 and four of the Red Roadster.

Like I said in the thread announcing his death, whenever I saw his name and this picture, the scroll bar would stop and I would read whatever he had to say.

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