Dear Welder Series… shock travel question

Dear Welder Series…
Hi Paul. Sounds like things went well for you guys. Is it normal that I only have 2-3/16″ for vertical travel on my shocks?[ @60%] If I lean the shock over I will have less differential travel [it was late last night]. I think the most travel that I can have is with the shock vertical. Sound right? And if this is right then do I need a shock with more travel? The 2-3/16 just does not sound like much to me at all. I did check page 32 I’m just thrown off with the short travel thing. I like to understand what I am doing and not just do it to get it done. Know what I mean Vern? Peter

Dear Peter…
Your questions are good ones, Peter. This amount of travel is standard for street rod coil-overs and the ride will be o.k. There is a trade-off between total suspension travel and looks. Lots of street rod coil-overs have about 3-1/2″ of total travel. TCI and Heidt’s steel coilovers have 4-1/2, but they don’t have adjustable shock valving. I’d stay with the shocks you have.

There is actually more vertical travel with the shock at an angle. The spring rate and the shock rate becomes effectively softer, too. (Imagine the shock mounted horizontally, but the frame still moving vertically… The shock would not dampen at all.) When the frame wants to lean, though, the rate is more direct and firmer, resisting the lean.

I hope this helps. Give me a call if you have other questions.


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