Dear Welder Series… Mustang II for 1970 Dart?

Dear Welder Series…
I am building a 1970 Dodge Dart Pro touring car and greatly lowering my ride height. Stock front end components won’t handle the drop so I need to explore my options. My frame rails are 32″ inside to inside and I will be running an 18″ wheel. I need my track width to be at most 58″ and at a minimum 56″ closer to 58″ would be better. Is this something I can accomplish with a Mustang II? I have a set of new Mustang II 2″ drop spindles that I received as a gift so that’s what got me thinking. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Dear John…
John, the nicest frame width for our 58″ Mustang II kit is 32″ O.D. This provides clearance for the coil spring. If this was our project, we would put a section of 2×4 tubing in the stock rails in the area of the crossmember and upper towers. This would be about 8″ ahead and behind the spindle centerline. The dropped spindles would be fine.

The brakes you use will have an effect on the track width. Our 56″ kit, with stock 4-bolt rotors, actually gives a track width of about 56-1/2″. If you use Granada rotors, the track width would be about 57″. The 56″ kit frame width should be 30″ o.d. maximum.

Thanks for asking about this. If my reply has created more questions, please get back to me.

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