Dear Welder Series… how do I find axle centerline?

Dear Welder Series…
I have already stripped my truck down to the bare chassis and am looking to purchase an IFS for the front end. With the suspension now out of the chassis and gone to the scrap yard (wasn’t thinking there) can I center the new suspension by measuring from the front spring mounting holes to the rear spring brackets or should I re-position the cab and fenders on the chassis to center the wheels? The chassis goes to the sandblaster on Thursday and then I’m boxing it and getting it ready for your parts to go on. Thanks in advance for your help with this… you are going to make a few dollars off of this build for sure.

Dear Writer…
I always like to mock things up so I know that the look is what I want.  It does take longer, but gives better odds that things don’t have to be undone and redone.
Thanks for asking.

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