Dear Welder Series… C4 Corvette control rods?

Dear Welder Series…
Interested in your 1″ OD bars except I would like fixed bushing tubes on both ends (so the length is fixed. Short 1-3/8″ bushings would be used.

These would be to replace Corvette C4 control rods as I need more clearance in a lighter weight application. One pair is approximately 11″ C-C and the other pair approximately 12.5″ C-C. Both ends welded exactly parallel to each other. I would provide exact dimensions at time of order.

Can you make these and what would be an approximate cost? And about how long to make these up? Would be ready to order in about 1-2 months.

Thank you!

Dear Bruce…
Yes, Bruce, we could do this.

They would cost $58 each. Urethane bushings would be extra, if required. Freight would be $15.00 for the pair of bars. We should be able to ship in 5 working days after receiving the length spec and payment in full.

Thanks for asking us to help with your project.
Paul Horton

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