Dear Welder Series… ’73 Cougar four link?

Dear Welder Series…
I am interested in putting a 4 link triangulated under a ’73 Cougar convertible- ( think Mustang with a 5″ longer leaf spring.) I want to use the front spring eye brackets for the lower bars. All the frame rails, rockers and torque boxes are new. The car is on a Twirler now- (the best investment I ever made). I am a little puzzled about how to do the upper bars. I am leaning toward your large bushing 4 link kit, without using the front lower mounts. We are planning to start on this phase of the project in Jan. I would be grateful for any insight you could give me. Thanx…Bill

Dear Bill…
Bill, we can sub special bars to let you use the front spring eye bracket.  The center of the lower bar mounting hole is 2-5/8″ ahead of axle center line.  Give us the required center-to-center distance and we will make bars to suit.  Standard bars would be credited and special bars invoiced.  Special bars cost $7.00/ea more than standard.

The upper bars can be run from the housing out to the frame rails or a crossmember can be installed between the rails and the upper bars can run from the axle tubes, just inside the frame rails, to the crossmember above the drive shaft.

It is more cost effective to buy the whole kit and not use the lower bar frame brackets.  The price for most of our kits is the sum of their components, but the rear 4-link kits are much less than the sum.  Part kits get invoiced as individual pieces and this would likely cost more if the lower brackets were left out.

I agree with your choice of the large bushing kit.  It will be a good one to use in your Cougar.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanx, Paul…. This is the way we’ll go. I’ll be calling you in the middle of Jan. to place the order. Thank You, and have a Happy Holiday. Bill

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  1. Garth says:

    Hey Paul,
    We are currently working on a 1969 cougar in our shop, if you would like to forward some pics to Bill or we will have on our web site shortly.
    We ended up using all your triangulated big bushing parts on this build as well as a few extra parts. Merry Christmas Garth

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