Dear CUSTOMers… happy new year

Every customer is different.  You’re different from the next customer.  There is no formula, no equation that will work with all of you.  It takes a different approach to everyone to determine how best to serve anyone.  Some people need videos, some people need descriptions.  Some people need us to weld it together.  Our approach has been, and will always be, to serve each of you where you are and to treat you the same way we would like to be treated.

It’s been just over four years since we officially opened the doors to Welder Series, and we’ve just had our best year so far.  I say four years, but the product line has been percolating for over 30.  Paul Horton began developing and building many of the parts we still manufacture when I wasn’t yet a twinkle in Paul’s wife’s eye.    Thanks very much for your business and support over the years.

The future looks great, but there are some things that we won’t be changing.  When you buy parts from Welder Series, that’s what you get.  Parts.  We don’t use fancy boxes, custom printed packing tape, or glossy catalogs.  Our reported damaged box claims are quite less than half a percent of parcels shipped.  Our ~60 page catalog will continue to be printed in-house so you get an up-to-date copy.  Actually, I should have said copies… we send three catalogs with every order (most people request more than one when they order, so they can give one or two to friends) – here’s a true story: a customer of ours is a police officer, and had his daily driver broken into.  The thief stole the standard items – cash, camera, wallet, Welder Series catalog.  I’m not making this up – we had to send him another catalog because his had been stolen!  Anyway, we try our best to keep expenses down because we know that will help you keep your expenses down.

Thanks again
Paul, Dorothy, and DW Horton (yes, that’s all of us)
Welder Series Inc.

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