Dear Welder Series… cherry picking

Dear Welder Series…
Hello – I just found your website and see tons of products I can use! The parts shown below were shown as part of a Mustang II kit but I wanted to see if I could purchase them separately. If so, what is the pricing?


Thank you,

Dear Mickey…
Thanks for writing, Mickey.  All Welder Series parts are available individually.  From our home page, put the part number in the search box on the right side.

These parts are in stock.  You can order online or by phone at 1-888-648-2150.

I hope we can help with your project.

Paul Horton


  1. david hill says:

    Dear Welder Series,

    I am building a torque arm rear suspension under a 65 mustang using a 65 9″ rear end. This rear end has an axle tube diameter less than 3″ at the lower control arm mounting point. Can you make a part similar to but for a smaller diameter tube?
    While your at it, can you make it with 3 holes at the lower control arm location so that the LCA can be tuned some?


    • DW Horton says:

      David, some builders have solved this problem by splitting a short piece of tubing, 3″ o.d. by whatever wall thickness will get them down to their axle tube diameter. Weld this short half tube to the axle and to the bracket. This can be done neatly and almost invisibly. It doesn’t give the lower bar adjustment you asked for, but the parallel and triangulated rear 4-link kits aren’t designed to promote traction advantage like our Pro/Street kit.

      Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

      Paul Horton

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