Homemade Tool Dep’t: C clip pliers

I won’t mention what car these were made for (it’s a little “off-topic” as they say on the HAMB), but the results should be universal.  The goal was to remove a huge C clip that was holding a pooched bearing in place.  I didn’t have anything large or sturdy enough to squeeze the two holes in the clip far enough to remove it from the groove it was in.  Here’s the type of C clip I’m talking about:
c clip

So, what we ended up with was a set of vice grips with two small Robertson drill bits welded to the jaws, like this:

It worked great!

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  1. greg marshall says:

    I want to know if anyone has used 1 of your MII kits on a late ’40s or early ’50s Buick. I have a ’49 Buick I want to subframe & if your kit would work, I could weld it together. I would need to know what was done on the original Buick frame to adapt your kit to it. Thanks.

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