Universal Panhard Kit, Rear

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An easy-to-install rear panhard kit designed for a wide variety of applications.

This kit can be used with most rear ends because it has a bracket that welds to the passenger side rear axle tube. The bracket sides can be easily folded along laser-cut slits. The urethane bushed, adjustable bar, attaches to the axle bracket and to supplied tabs that weld to the driver’s frame rail. The longer bar means less side-to-side movement under suspension travel. The adjuster is notched at 5 degrees and attaches to the axle bracket so that the bar will clear the pinion.

Available completely welded or ready-to-weld.

Installation instructions.

Parts Included:
Panhard bracket plate, 21842, 1
Tube for bracket plate, 1080, 1
Bar, 7/8×27-7/8, tapped & notched, 1152780, 1
Tube for urethane bushings, 10092, 2
Adjuster stud, notched 5 degree, 100815, 1
Urethane bushing half, 1203, 4
Tube for urethane bushing, 18908, 2
Frame tab, 18200, 2
Bolt, ½-20 x 2-1/4″, HC-178, 1
Bolt, ½-20 x 4-1/2″, B08FR4.5G5HZ, 1
Nut, ½-20 thin nylok, 178-039, 2
Washer, ½” bolt size, W08BZ, 2
Nut, 5/8-18 jam, NJ-63, 1
Panhard Kit instruction sheet, 2184IN, 1

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