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Clamp plate & u-bolt eliminator kit, for 1928-34 Ford repro front crossmembers with a transverse spring. Eliminating the u-bolts reduces the chance of chipping the paint when installing the u-bolts. Tabs get welded to the front crossmember. These tabs can be left flat or they can be made stronger by bending the ends. Simply put the tab in a vise and use an adjustable wrench to make the bend. Repro front springs usually have fewer leaves than the original, making them thinner. The clamp plate spacer gets welded to the base plate to make up the extra thickness so the clamping action is on the spring leaf, not on the crossmember.

Notes about stock springs / crossmembers: The u-bolt eliminator kit will work with a stock 1-3/4″ wide spring. It will likely be necessary to remove some leave so the clamp plate will be fairly close to the tabs when the bolts are tightened. Reproduction crossmembers are very close to 2-3/8″ where the spring sits in the center (measured front to back) and is flat and solid on the front and rear faces (as shown in these photos). As some stock crossmembers have a lip rolled towards the motor and large holes for the u-bolts to pass through, they would require some trimming and filling to provide the 2-3/8″ dimension and a solid mounting surface for the tabs.

Click here to see an assembly article in HOTROD magazine.

WS15710, 15710

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