Front Shock Mount Kit


Front Shock Mount Kit WS1030

For early Ford style axles. Designed to clear the fenders on 1928-34 Fords.

The tube is 7/16″ I.D. The upper eye of the shock will be 3″ above the frame and 2-3/4″ out from the frame.

Please see related products for a plate to make this kit into a bolt-on shock mount.

Parts Included:
Shock mount frame plate, 10301, 4
Tube, 10304, 4
Bolt, 7/16-14 x 4, B07CR4G5HZ, 2
Nut, 7/16-14 Nylok, zinc plated, HN-181, 2
Washer, W07BZ, 2

$35.7 In stock
Brand:Welder Series
Thickness:3/16" plates
Bolt Size:7/16"
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Front Shock Mount Kit Front Shock Mount Kit