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Frame Curves

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Brand: Welder Series
MPN: WS241xxx
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Thickness: 3/16"

A unique and inexpensive alternative to thin-wall mandrel bent frame sections. Available for 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6, 3x3 and 3x4 tubing. Laser cut from 3/16" pickled & oiled mild steel. 4' lengths of HS tube are also available in the "You May Also Like..." section below.

Designed for rear kickups, center sections, frames, etc… perfect for builders looking for a smooth bend that doesn’t require special machinery. They are shipped in four pieces as shown. Because they’re made from 3/16″ (!) steel, when you grind the weld it will match up with the corner radius on hollow structural tubing.

There are no kinks or stretching normally associated with mandrel bent rectangular tubing, especially being bent the “hard way”. Reference tabs let you clamp the pieces corner to corner while they’re welded. There are scribe lines on the top and bottom plates at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees so they’re easy to cut and replicate side to side.

The frame curves all have an inside radius of 4″. Therefore the outside radius is 4″ plus the size of the “tubing” that the curve produces. Here’s a list of the outside radius for each frame curve:

3×2 vertical: 7″
3×2 horizontal: 6″
3×3 horizontal or vertical (both are the same curve): 7″
3×4 vertical: 8″
4×2 vertical: 8″
4×2 horizontal: 6″
5×2 vertical: 9″
6×2 vertical: 10″
6×2 horizontal: 6″
Vertical curves are also called bent the hard way and horizontal curves are called bent the easy way.

A “horizontal” bend refers to one that is bent side-to-side, to go around the rear differential for example.
A “vertical” bend refers to one that is bent up or down, to kick the frame rails over the rear axle, for example.

Shipping Information: Shipping charge is 10% of the order total; minimum $15, maximum $60. Ships via UPS to the lower 48 States and 10 Provinces. No duty or brokerage charges. No surprises. Tracking information will be emailed.

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