’32 Update: Year End Review (article 56)

It was a great summer to drive!  It’s turning out to be a very fun car to get in, turn the key, and go.  I’ve enjoyed taking my girls (albeit one at a time) for rides, too.

Over the winter, we’re hoping to make some minor tweaks.  I’ll document them, but for now, here are some things we’d like to do:

  • Lower the front about 1/2″
  • Make non-adjustable four link bars for the front (once everything’s set up right, it doesn’t need to be changed)
  • Brainstorm a ride height monitoring system
  • Some sort of rubber bump stop on the rear axle
  • Try and tighten that one collector bolt that I wasn’t able to tighten all the way at the beginning of the summer
  • Install some sort of dovetails in the doors
  • Paint the hinges black
  • Swap front shocks for Bilsteins

I can’t remember what the mileage was at the beginning of the year, but when I parked it yesterday, the odometer was at 13 885.  That doesn’t include the first Louisville trip, when the speedometer wasn’t quite hooked up yet.  From here to Louisville and back is about 1100 miles, not including any driving around at the show.  Let’s call the current mileage 15 000.  While certainly not coming close to what many of you put on in a summer, it was 15 000 miles of fun for us over two summers!


  1. Ron says:

    What is your motivation for the front shock revision? Which Bilstein you going to use? Any other options considered? I’ve been having thoughts about changing my fronts also. I have QA1’s in the rear and it stuck me that my fronts should probably be better shocks than the rear, Thoughts please.

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