This list will be updated as we receive emails from folks asking about specific vehicles.

VehicleTrack WidthComments
Chev, 1962-67 Nova56"
Chev, Car, 1935-195456"
Chev, Pickup, 1937-1955 (early series)56"
Chev, Pickup, 1955 (second series)- 1959 60"
Ford, Car, 1933-194856"
Ford, Falcon, 1964-556"
Ford, Car, 1954-5958"
Ford, Mustang, 1965-656"
Ford, Mustang, 1967-7058"
Ford, Mustang, 1971-7360"
Ford, Pickup, 1935-194156"
Ford, Pickup, 1942-195258"
Ford, Ranger, 1983-8856"
Ford, Pickup, 1953-1979 F10060"
Mercury, Comet, 1960-6356"
Plymouth, 194956"
Studebaker, 193456"
Studebaker, Pickup, 194958"
Willys Jeepster, 194956"
Willys Pickup & Panel (with top hat frame), 1946-5456"
These are the correct track width kits for the corresponding vehicles.


    • paul says:

      John, I suggest getting the 56-1/2″ kit and some narrow control arms. Mock up everything using a bar to hold the lower arm level, including the wheels and tires that you will use. This will require tacking some fill pieces to hold the upper mounts in place. Then roll the assembly under your Datsun and establish how much has to be cut from the middle of the crossmember to put the tires where you want them. A narrowed rack will be required. A source is MAVAL Mfg. .

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