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Upper Frame Bracket for Triangulated Four Link

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Product Details
Brand: Welder Series
MPN: 318590D
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Thickness: 10 ga
Hole size: 1/2"

Comes off the frame at a 27° angle, but can easily be trimmed for a different angle, if required.

As used in our triangulated rear 4-link kit. Hole is 1/2″ diameter. The short side is 2-5/16″ from the frame to the hole center. The long side is about 5-1/16″. 10 gauge mild steel.

Sold individually or in pairs. Available for large (1-3/4" wide, 1-5/8" OD) bushings. Small bushing brackets have been discontinued. Spacers or extra washers can be used to mount the 1-3/8" wide bushings in the 1-3/4" wide brackets.

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