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Bars, 7/8" OD

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Brand: Welder Series
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Diameter: 7/8"
Length: Various

7/8″ x .156 wall seamless tubing, one end tapped 5/8-18 RH (about 2-3/8″ deep) and the other end notched 1-3/8″ diameter to take #10092 tube for urethane bushings. A welded bar has the urethane bushing tube TIG welded on at 90 degrees (usually called “straight”). The 5/8-18 thread is CNC machined directly into the tubing (weld-in bungs are not used). Please see Related Products for 1″ bars threaded 3/4-16.

Bars are measured from the center of the urethane bushing eye to the threaded end of the bars. The center-to-center dimension will be about 1-5/8” longer than the bar.

Please select the length of bar from the drop-down menu below, and choose welded or unwelded.

Unwelded bars do not include the urethane bushing tube. Please order separately. Welded bars include the urethane bushing tube.

Custom Length Bars:
Custom bars can be made to order. For bars longer than 27-7/8", an additional charge may be added to cover additional material. Please call if you require longer bars. Please include the length of your custom length bar in the notes for your order. Remember, bar length is from the center of the welded tube to the threaded end. We can work with a center to center dimension if that's what you're able to provide.

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