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Rear Panhard Kit for 8" or 9" Ford, Pinion Mount

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Product Details
Brand: Welder Series
MPN: WS269210
Thickness: 3/16" axle plates, 10 ga frame tabs
Bolt Size: 1/2"
Thread: 5/8-18
Length: Various
Tubing Size: 7/8" x .156"

Panhard kit, 8″ or 9″ Ford, rear, complete with bar, hardware, frame tabs, and pinion plates. For a centered pinion.

Necessary with a parallel four link to limit side-to-side movement of the rear axle.

All lengths are for a centered pinion. The bar length should be 3/4" longer for a centered housing.

Model A Ford, stock frame: 32″ ID
1932 Ford: 38″ ID
1933-40 Ford: 40″ ID

Please select your application from the drop-down menu.

For custom applications using a Ford 8" or 9" rear end: “X” is the distance from the driver boxing plate to the differential carrier bolt at the top/middle. Bar length will be X + 2-3/4”.

Bolt-on rear end brackets, weld-on frame tabs, bar, adjuster, hardware.

Installation Tips

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