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Pedal Bracket with Under Seat Booster/Master Cylinder Mount Kit

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Brand: Welder Series

This pedal mounting kit locates the booster under the seat, while still mounting the pedal in double shear. Available fully welded or ready to weld.

This universal bracket mounts under the floor with the booster located further back on the frame rail. A 22" long 5/8″ diameter tube connects the pedal to the booster. (This tube might need to be cut to length and rethreaded 3/8-24 to suit your application.) This set-up gives added clearance beside the transmission so the exhaust can be routed higher. The offset brake pedal arm mounts in double shear for extra strength. This also makes it easy to remove the pedal because it drops down from the bracket rather than having to slide it off of a pin. The pedal arm bracket bolts to 2 tabs welded to the frame rail boxing plate. This makes it easy to paint the bracket and the frame rail. Stainless pedal pad brackets are included (left and right mounts for brake/clutch kit).

The brackets are 3/16", and the pedal arm is 3/8".

Booster not included.

The booster bracket is also set up for either a Ford or a GM manual master cylinder, if preferred. (If a manual master cylinder is used, you can order a 5.75:1 pedal arm and a male rod end and plunger. The bracket needs to be rotated 90 degrees due to the different shape of the manual pedal.) The bracket will mount either 7″ (single or dual) or 8″ dual boosters. Booster mounting holes are 3-3/8″ x 3-3/8″.

Adding a clutch:
This kit is also available with a clutch pedal add-on. We include an extra formed bracket for the pedal mount and both the brake and clutch pedals are supplied with no offset. In the welded kit, the brake/clutch pedal bracket is supplied as in the gallery picture.

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