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Saturday December 21, 2019: The 45” bars will be available Monday or Tuesday. We changed the 46” kit to 45” because we were getting hit with oversize shipping charges depending on how the UPS laser scanned the box. 

Available 36″ and 45″ wide, but can be cut down (with a hack saw) to any length. The bar is ¾” diameter 4142 cold finished, heat treated, with one end splined ¾-36. The other end of the bar is smooth. This smooth end gets pinned and welded into a coupler which welds to one of the arms. The laser-cut, 3/8″ thick arms are 8″ center-to-center.

Update: We've added a new option for the 45" trim to fit sway bar, which uses a 1-5/8" x .188" wall tube that can be used as a rear frame crossmember to mount your coilovers. It is designed to go through the frame, with the sway bar arms outside the rails. No frame mounting tabs are included. The hardware package is the same as our standard trim to fit kits, except it uses the larger #1205 bushings. Our #18600 is a good option for the coilover mounts - check it out in the related parts.

Upper Coilover Mount: Formed tabs weld to the outer tube and connect the bar to the rear crossmember using the coil-over bolts. Urethane bushings insulate road vibration. Rod ends connect the arms to the tabs that weld to the rear end. Overall length is ¾” longer than the bar length, since the 3/8″ arms mount outside the ends of the bar. The arms can be bent to clear the coil-overs.
To mount the sway bar to a crossmember tube without coilover bolts, please see the video “Sway Bar Options”. To order the kit like this, please add a comment in the order check-out. No extra charge.
If you don't need the formed coilover bolt mounting brackets, select the option "No upper coilover mounts" to save some money. You'd select this option if you're mounting the outer tube directly through the frame rail, for instance.

Lower Bolt-On Mount: a bracket bolts to the lower coil over holes in the four link axle bracket and mounts the tube under the axle. Tabs weld to the bottom of your frame rail to mount the heim joints. Depending on your ride height, a male heim joint can be used on either end of a 3/8-24 threaded spacer tube. Please check out the pictures.

The Model A sway bar kit includes a 45″ trim-to-fit sway bar with 3/4-36 splines on one end and no splines on the other end. Trim the bar to the exact length you need, then weld the smooth coupler and the arm to one end. Slip the bar through the outer tube and attach the splined coupler arm to the opposite end. The outer tube goes through the frame rails ahead of the rear end. The arms link to a formed bracket that bolts to the rear axle 4-link side plate. See pictures.

If you want a custom length bar, splined on both ends, we have that available now too. Maximum length 45″. Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

Quick release pins are also available so you can disconnect the sway bar arms easily. We suggest using them on the axle end because the heim joint is captured between the two axle tabs, and it can't slide along the pin.

Under Frame Mounts: these plates have two 3/8" mounting holes, with the opposite end designed to weld to the 1-3/8" outer tube. With this option, the sway bar can be mounted underneath the frame rails. We have weld-in threaded bungs and hardware available to fasten the plate. 1" from the top of the 1-3/8" tube to the mounting hole centerline. This option takes the two formed coilover bolt mounts out of the kit and adds the two under-frame plates.

Installation article on the 2011 NSRA giveaway car:https://www.welderseries.com/2011/04/13/sway-bar-install-on-nsra-33-giveaway/

Installation pictures (1964 Comet): www.welderseries.com/how-to-articles/sway-bar-install-total-performance-64-comet/

Installation pictures (1955 Ford): www.welderseries.com/how-to-articles/sway-bar-install-jh-restorations/

Click here for installation instructions.

Shipping charge is 10% of your order total, minimum $15 and maximum $60. The 36″ sway bar kit would ship for $26. Ships via UPS to the lower 48 States and 10 Provinces. No duty or brokerage charges. No surprises. Tracking information will be emailed.

Sway Bar Crossmember Video:

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