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Tie Rod End Threaded Insert, 11/16-18 LH or RH

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Brand: Welder Series
Model: 159902
MPN: 159902
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Diameter: 7/8"
Thread: 11/16-18

It's fun to stump your local tool supplier with the oddball 11/16-18 thread, but cutting your own threads is tough if you don't have a lathe.

Make your own tie rod and drag link with these handy little pieces. Lets you avoid trying to tap the odd 11/16-18 thread invented by Ford. Available in both right hand and left hand threads.

3" long threaded tube, 7/8" OD, with a 2" long slug that fits snug into the ID of 7/8" x .156" wall seamless tube (available separately). Or you can use a heavier wall tube and drill it out to 9/16".

Tie rod end not included.

If you select the "One of each" option, you will get one LH insert and one RH insert, plus two slugs.

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