Engine Mount Kit - Gen 3 Chevy Inline 6 (194/230/250/292)

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Trim-to-fit mounts available fully tig welded or as a ready to weld kit for DIYers

Bushing center is 3" off the block mounting surface, and the frame plates are 6" from the bushing center to the opposite edge. For a pair of 10 ga plates to weld between the frame tab plates, check the option for "Add two frame filler plates". #27804

Includes two engine mounts with 1/4" main plates (passenger side mount is taller on the 194/230/250), four trim-to-fit 3/16" frame plates, big bushings, a spacer for the driver side top hole, and all necessary grade 5 zinc plated hardware.

For more info on the Blue Flame engine, here's the Wikipedia listing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_straight-6

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