Introducing… The New Store!

It’s been a few months of fiddling and fidgeting and fraddofying, but it’s finally live.

If you had previously created an account at the ‘old’ web store, you’ll have to go ahead and make a new one. Sorry, but it’s better this way 🙂 You can either do this at the time of checkout, or if you want to keep some items in your cart for later, hover over “Your Account” in the red bar just under the big picture of the ’32. From there, you can click “Your Orders” and create an account.

The new store should be a lot easier to find related parts, search for specific keywords, and navigate through product pictures. In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding pictures submitted through our Photo Sharing program.

If you have any difficulties with the store or our site in general, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience through this transition.

DW Horton

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