Dear Welder Series… Sway Bar Rating?

Dear Welder Series…
What are your sway bars rated at? Thanks, great products. Another question… do you offer more than one rating, say for the front or rear for different vehicle applications? Does the inner shaft ride on a bearing or a bushing?

Steve Sellers, owner
Sellers Equipped

Dear Steve…
The bar is 3/4″ diameter, 4142 cold finish, heat treated and we supply them in 36″ and 44 – 46″ lengths.  The design of our kit lets the builder cut it to length to suit the chassis layout.  The arms are 8″ center-to-center.  Formulae (formulas?) to calculate sway bar rate are on the Internet, but I’m not sure how to use that information, except in relative terms.  As a sway bar gets shorter, it’s rate (resistance to twisting) increases and as the arm center-to-center distance shortens, the rate increases.  Even though the rate increases as the bar gets shorter, the amount of twist (for a given amount of lean) also gets less as the bar gets shorter, so the best way to tune the bar for street use is with extra holes in the arms.  This works to increase the rate.  Some builders have ordered our kits with an extra pair of arm plates so they could lengthen them (by welding them together) to soften the rate.

The inner shaft (the actual sway bar) is supported by urethane bushings at each end of the outer tube.

Thanks for asking about Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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