Dear Welder Series… spring over axle?

Dear Welder Series:
I have a 37 I beam solid axle mounted on a 29 frame, with the spring in front on the split wishbone. I was considering moving the spring over the axle and mounting shocks in front using the spring perches of the wishbone. I think this makes a cleaner look.
Looks or not, is rearranging the spring location from in front of, to over the axle done and is it a matter of “builder’s choice”? This would mount the shocks in front of the axle, does it matter if the shocks are in front or behind the axle, I have seen pictures with it both ways.

I would really appreciate your opinion.

Thanks, Brock

Dear Brock,
Brock, there are several issues to consider if you want the spring on top of your 37 axle.  The 37 Ford stock front spring is 2″ wide and aftermarket spring perches, that put the spring on top of the axle, are made for 1-3/4″ wide springs.  The stock 37 spring will be too wide to use above the axle, too.  I don’t know of an aftermarket company that makes a 1-3/4″ wide spring to be mounted above the 37 axle, so a custom one will have to be made.

Performance-wise, you won’t notice any difference with the shocks mounted in front or behind the axle.  If they are mounted behind, be sure the tie rod doesn’t hit them in a full-lock turn.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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