Dear Welder Series… Model A Brake Pedal?

Dear Welder Series…

Model A master cylinder bracket
Model A master cylinder bracket

Paul, which of your brake pedal kits would you recommend for application onto a basically stock, (boxed) ’30 Model A Frame? I am not planning on installing power brakes, so I just need something for a standard setup.  If you would kindly forward me a part number,..I will get down to your shop in the very early New Year. I have received the Cat. that you forwarded me,…Thank You


Dear Wayne…
Wayne, here’s a link to the Model ‘A’ manual pedal & bracket kit.

If you want to order it now (or soon), we can tag one for you so it will be here when you want it.  Please let us know if you want to weld it yourself (WS13704) or have us weld it (13704).


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