LS Engine Adapter Plate Kit

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Nov. 29/19: We have decided to phase out this series of LS mounts and to focus on our LS250 kit, a universal urethane insulated kit with trim-to-fit frame plates. Please see related items.

A number of options are available to mount your LS series engine. From direct bolt-in to universal fit, Welder Series has your engine installation covered. Fits all LS engines.

LS engines all have the same engine mount configuration.

Adapter kits are supplied with all necessary hardware for mounting the adapter plates to the block. Insulators not included.

To use rubber mounts with LS166, the insulator will need to be spaced away from the adapter plate slightly. A washer or two will do the job. This is necessary because the rib on the engine side of the insulator ends just about between the top two mounting holes. On the LS166 plates, the countersunk hole shortens the relief slot.

Bolt-In, for stock Small Block frame mounts (LS150):
This kit has been discontinued.

Universal fit, for rubber insulators (LS104):
This kit has been discontinued.

Bolt-In, for stock Small Block frame mounts, moves engine back 1″ (LS166):
Limited Quantity.
Motor mount adapters for Chev LS engines to reduce the gap ahead of your firewall. The engine will be back 1″ compared to our LS150 adapters (or anyone else’s that mounts the lower insulator hole over the lower front mounting hole in the block). These 3/8″ thick steel plates are precision laser cut to adapt stock, early-style Energy Suspension urethane Chev insulators to the LS block (will also work with rubber insulators - see note above). The large slot provides clearance for the reinforcing rib on the insulator preload plate. Energy Suspension wants the preload plate used! These adapters let you put an LS engine on the stock mounts that were on a side-mount small block frame. The motor mount insulators are not included in the kit price. The transmission mount might have to be relocated. The kit includes metric hardware to mount the plates to the block and imperial hardware to mount the insulators to the plates.

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